In June 2005 Elementary Education Foundation launched the major Literacy for All (LFA) project to provide basic literacy and numeracy training for learners aged 9-39 across all the districts in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.  By June 2011 a total of 61,089 literacy centers had been established, which had trained 1.35 million learners over the 6 year life of the project.  61% of those trained were women.

The target age group for these learners was between 9-39 for non-formal adolescent and adult literacy. The duration of the course was 4 months with a daily class of 3 hours.

Comprehensive course materials were developed and printed, with teachers’ manuals in Urdu and English covering the conceptual framework of the literacy project, operational guidelines, social and functional literacy and teaching guides.  

The Elementary Education Foundation also establishes Community Learning Centers to help empower women through training in vocational skills.  To date, more than 3,000 trainees have completed 6-month training courses, mostly in artisan skills that can be utilized through home-based employment.